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Cast of Characters


Space Kitty: The Mystery of the Lost Socks



Eliphet the Elder

Communicator of 5th Universal Cat Council. Shares one of Colonel Catmando's legendary adventures with graduating Compucat Academy catdets on the planet Catalonia, Gato Galaxy, Solargenesis System.


Good Cat:


Colonel Catmando/Space Kitty

Famous compucat from planet Catalonia who crashlands on Earth. Four foot tall with eyeshades over sparkstar blue eyes, silvermesh fur, six inch sensears, two foot telescoping neck, lazerclaws, thermopaws, jetpads, comptuition and opposable thumbs.


Bad Cat:


The Grand Bubastis

Leader of the Cat O'Nine Tails. Anonymous cat hidden under various shopping bags who conceives a plot to overthrow Los Gatos Royale and take over the Earth Cat Kingdom.


Supporting Cast:


The Wish Family

Michael, Sarah, Sally & Johnny. Psychically gifted family from Newdale, Washington. First in town to notice missing socks and are puzzled when they can't locate them using their Wishing Power.


Catalina Wish

Calico cat. Star of Elegant Eats catfood ads.



Scruffy brown tabby who escapes from Bad Bart Bittle's abuse. Sails to La Paz with Jonas Mate and saves Space Kitty's life in Mexican pound.


Cat Noir

Black Persian. Founder of Fragrance Factory, maker of Noir, a potpourri that Newdale cats trade for territorial rights. Awarded Cat of the Year award for charity work with alleycats. Owned by Mayor “Uncle” Buddy Wish.


Los Gatos Royale

King Reginald, Queen Petrocella, Prince Rex and Princess Freya. Newdale Regal Family of Cats owned by veterinarian Dr. Laura Luna.


Red-Breasted Sapsucker Sock Troops

Black-winged woodpeckers who join Cat O'Nine Tails.


Happy Howlers

A pack of free dogs from La Paz, Mexico who find Space Kitty washed up on a deserted beach.


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