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Famous Quotes

“This is only the beginning, King Reginald Von Cat. When I am through with you, Los Gatos Royale will be serving me!”

The Grand Bubastis to his departing Sock Troops


“Socks? I didn't steal any socks!

Bad Bart Bittle to Detective Louis Lewis


“I will help you find your ship, and if you cannot go home, you are welcome to live with me in Newdale, Washington. There is a mystery that needs to be solved, and I think that you are just the cat to solve it.”

Rat-Tat-Cat to Space Kitty in the Happy Howler Hideout


“Too many thumbs lead to too many machines,

Too many thumbs and too many means.

Too many thumbs seed too many dreams,

Too many thumbs can tear out the seams.

Eliphet the Elder to the Compucat Academy


I’ve scheduled an emergency meeting of the City Council for tomorrow night. We’re going to get to the bottom of this sock mystery, Michael—you mark my words!”

Mayor "Uncle" Buddy Wish to his nephew Michael Wish


“Repeat after me: The Kingdom is ours... the Kingdom is ours... the Kingdom is ours!”

Bette Noir to the The Cat O'Nine Tails Society


“Get back to work, girls. We have lots of potpourri to make before the end of the day. Remember, without Noir, territorial wars will start up again, and we’ll all be back in the alleys.”

Ziggy Certain (foreman of the Fragrance Factory) to his workers


“Tell me everything you know about missing socks.”

Space Kitty to Rat-Tat-Cat on the Mouseboat IV


A royal marriage cannot be taken lightly, in spite of our son’s behavior. We will let the light of day shine upon this issue, as tonight’s moon has been very strange indeed!”

King Reginald Von Cat to the Housed & Landed


“You know, Birdella, it's almost as if those Skyers were trained to steal socks.”

Rat-Tat-Cat to Birdella Blue Jay on a stakeout


“Start your beaks! It’s pecking time!”

The Grand Bubastis to his faithful Sock Troops


“You!!! I don't believe it's you!”

Rat-Tat-Cat to The Grand Bubastis


“And that’s how Colonel Catmando, known on the planet Earth as Space Kitty, helped the animals of Newdale solve the Mystery of the Lost Socks.”

Eliphet the Elder to the Compucat Academy

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